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There are wonderful faith promoting stories in your mission emails. Unfortunately they are probably sitting in a server somewhere gathering virtual dust. When you publish those mission stories with Missionary Memoir, not only do you get something precious that you can hold and touch, but those faith promoting stories become easier to read and share when they are published, bound and resting next to your scriptures.

Let us help you publish your mission stories into a beautiful hardbound book.

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Beautifully Printed Mission Books

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Cover Design

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Sister Major's
Mission Memoir


Every mission is different. Let us help you create a mission book that is as unique as your experience. 

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Build Your Mission Email Book in Just 3 Easy Steps

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Design a cover that is just for you! Choose a cover design and upload a mission photo to give your book a personal cover.

Add Your Emails

Add emails or posts from any Gmail,, or blogger!. Are your emails spread across multiple email accounts? No problem, easily connect and export from as many email accounts as you need.

Edit and Personalize

Notice a tYpO in your mission emails? Want to add a few more pictures? Not a problem. You can edit each part of any email from the subject to the picture attachments. After all, your book will outlast you.


Black and White

  • Up to 500 Pages
  • Professional Binding
  • Full Color Cover
  • Black and White Pages
  • Hard Cover
Standard Color

  • Up to 500 Pages
  • Professional Binding
  • Full Color Cover
  • Standard Color Pages
  • Hard Cover
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